What is the best and easiest vape trick
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What is the best and easiest vape trick?

What is the easiest vape trick?

Looking for the best and easiest vape trick?

We have the best tricks for newbies right here!

vape tricks for beginners

To get the greatest results, tweak your vape juice and device.

Because you must inhale and exhale significant amounts of vapour to do these simple vape tricks, selecting the appropriate juice is critical. It’s best to choose a juice with a high VG content. You’ll have a milder throat hit and a larger cloud size.

Because inhaling a lot of nicotine can make you dizzy, you might wish to use a nicotine-free juice. You can also choose basic VG juice, which is nicotine-free and flavourless.

For denser, larger clouds, you’ll want to use a sub ohm tank or an RDA.

Finally, practise your moves in a space with little to no airflow. Close the windows and switch off the air conditioner or fans.

Now you’re all set to get started!

1. Inhale in a French manner

This is also known as the Irish Waterfall, and it’s a subtle, easy vape trick.

This is how it seems.

The nostrils are used to inhale the vapour that is emitted from the mouth. It has the appearance of an upside-down waterfall.

Take a pull but don’t inhale in the same way you did with The Ghost Hit. Keep your mouth shut and inhale slowly. Then slowly expand your lips and exhale the vapour while slightly extending your lower jaw.

Finally, breathe in the vapour through your nostrils to finish the trick.

See if anyone sees this elegant inhalation when you’re around friends or at a party — it’s a sneaky one to pull off unannounced.

2. The Haunting

This trick involves swiftly sucking in a cloud of vapour after inhaling it.

This is how you go about doing it.

Take a deep drag of the vapour, but keep it in your mouth rather than inhaling it.

Allow a few seconds for the vapour to sit in your mouth before slowly pushing it out. Suck the vapour back in as soon as it leaves your mouth.

The Ghost Hit is an excellent talent to learn at the start of your practise because you’ll utilise it in more sophisticated feats.

3. The Dragon Trick

You might assume this is the most difficult of the easy vape tricks, but it isn’t!

You’ll be appearing like a vapor-breathing beast in no time after a few practise rounds.

The Dragon is performed by blowing vapour from four areas: both nostrils and the corners of your mouth.

You must keep the centre of your lips contact while exhaling in order for the vapour to come through the sides of your mouth. That could take some practise.

Take a long pull and don’t inhale, just like the first two tricks. The greater the length of the pull, the better.

Push the vapour into your nose and the corners of your mouth at the same time once you’ve gotten it all in your mouth.

Keep in mind that you must push the vapour out as quickly and forcefully as possible.

When you add a menacing gaze to this trick, you’ll look downright terrifying.

4. The Furius Tornado 

Why go tornado hunting when your vape can give you a similar and, uh, far safer experience?

This is one of the simple vape tricks that requires the use of your hands. With one hand, you manipulate a big vapour cloud to make it swirl like a tornado.

This feat can’t be done in a car since it requires a flat, stable surface.

Standing or sitting in front of a table is the first thing you should do. Take a long drag, then lean over and place your mouth as close to the table’s surface as you can.

Exhale slowly, keeping your mouth approximately parallel to the flat surface. Your cloud should be dense and enclosed.

Extend your hand and place it in the centre of the cloud once all of the vapour has been released. Raise your arm quickly upwards, as if reverse slicing the vapours.

Take a step back and watch the twister shape emerge.

Blowing the vapour through an empty toilet paper roll might also help you manage the flow of your exhale.

With a little practise, you’ll be able to compete with Mother Nature.

5. The Big Vaping Os

Blowing Os, or producing vapour rings with your exhale, is a crucial skill to acquire if you want to progress from simple vape tricks to more sophisticated ones.

You’ll be able to blow strings of Os one after another with enough practise, and even change their shape and size.

To blow Os, follow these instructions.

Inhale deeply, but keep your breath in your throat. You don’t need to take a big inhalation at start, so go easy on the first few rounds.

Your tongue should be resting at the base of your mouth. Push the back of your tongue into the back of your throat just a little.

Make an O style shape with your lips by tightly wrapping them around your teeth. Keep your lips taut rather than pushing them out like a kiss.


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