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Vaping Top Tips For Beginners and Pros

Vaping Top Tips For Beginners and Pros

Looking for some top vaping tips?

Here is your complete guide!

A quick easy guide for vaping;

  1. Maintain the cleanliness of your vaping device (check out how to clean your vape here.
  2. Ensure that your e-liquids are properly stored.
  3. Change the flavours every now and again.
  4. Do maintain good oral hygiene.
  5. Experiment with different PG/VG ratios.
  6. Wait a few moments before puffing again.
  7. If you want to quit smoking, gradually reduce your nicotine intake.
  8. Make an effort to locate the ideal vaping device.

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Priming The Coil

Looking for best way for priming the coil. Then, whether you’re doing standard vaping or Sub-Ohming, remember to prime your coil anytime before you start vaping for the first time, or if you’ve recently changed your coil or clearomizer/tank.For traditional e-cigarettes, all you have to do is fill up the tank as usual and put the rest of the device together.

Allow 5-10 minutes for the gadget to stand with the tank filled and fully assembled. Because the e-liquid has had time to properly saturate the coil, there is no risk of dry-burning the coil when you begin vaping. To help drag the e-liquid through the coil while inhaling/exhaling, you can just draw on the clearomizer without turning on the battery to speed up the process. Please keep in mind that you should draw slowly and steadily to avoid flooding the clearomizer.

Depending on the sort of atomizer you’re using with Sub-Ohm devices, there are a few different ways to prime a coil. It’s the same procedure as priming the coil with normal e-cigarettes if you’re a beginner and just starting off with your first Sub-Ohm device.

Simply fill the tank with water and let the gadget aside for 5-10 minutes to enable the coil to thoroughly soaked before usage. You can also drip the e-liquid straight into the coil to speed up the process significantly; however, be careful not to oversaturate the coil, as this may result in some e-liquid spitting during the first few pulls. Of course, some vapers prefer a hot vape, so this is a wonderful experience for them! Experiment to see what you like; if you want to avoid this but think you’ve oversaturated the coil, simply pulse the power button once or twice before taking your first pull to burn off the extra e-liquid.

How to Tell When Your Coil Needs Changing?

Some of the easiest things to look for would be the ones you would notice.

  1. The flavour of the e-liquid is different to the one you’ve come to know and love.
  2. The coil burning out or the battery being low could be reasons why the device isn’t producing as much vapour.
  3. It may be that you are experiencing a slightly off/burnt taste when using an electronic device.
  4. The device may be leaking a little. The coil has been saturated and has flooded, which can no longer sustain the barrier.
  5. If you take the coil out and look at where the cotton wool pokes out if it is a dark grey or black colour, you will know it is time to replace it. The cotton should be bright white, as it should be when using a new coil.

Charging and the Vape Battery Life

Vaping Top Tips For Beginners and Pros

In order to maintain healthy battery life, always follow these instructions

  1. To promote a healthy battery life, always allow the device to run down completely before recharging. It is possible to train these batteries so that they can maintain their performance, like a phone or a laptop battery.
  2. It is never advisable to leave a device to charge for more than 4 hours. The Sub-Ohm batteries and our classic e-cigarette batteries have circuit protection in place which will stop the battery from charging after a certain period of time.
  3. We advise our customers to charge their batteries through the Vapouriz wall plug. Circuit protection on wall plugs, TV’s and appliances can stop the unit from charging if too much power is pushed through. If you are using a wall plug to charge your batteries, please make sure that you know that it will charge in accordance to the requirement for your batteries.
  4. Changing the coil can cause the connections to be disrupted if there is e-liquid on top of the battery, so consider cleaning them down when changing the coil.
  5. The battery is turned off when you charge the device. If the battery is built into the device, it will be less likely to be damaged.

The Top Ways to Get The Most From Your Vaping Life

Common vaping

  1. Renew the coil as often as needed.
  2. Just above the refill line is where you should keep your cartomizer filled.
  3. Due to the shape of the clearomizer, excessive pressure can cause leaks and damage joints, so make sure the devices are stored safely.

Vaping Sub-Ohm.

  1. It’s always a good idea to replace your coil as often as is necessary.
  2. Ensure all the air-flow holes are open.
  3. MAX VG and high VG e-liquid have higher flavour and density than other e-liquids.
  4. The wick should always be saturated.
  5. When using a new coil, lower the wattage on a variable wattage device

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