Looking to buy from the best disposable vape brands. Prefilled pods and disposable vape pod kits are electronic cigarettes that are often meant to simulate smoking 20 cigarettes. As a result, they are a convenient and healthier alternative to purchasing a pack of cigarettes. These disposable devices give a smooth throat hit with enhanced flavour and unobtrusive cloud creation, usually containing 20 mg of nicotine and a built-in heating coil.

Disposable e-cigs are ready to buy and use right out of the box, requiring no maintenance or setup. Simply inhale and start vaping from prefilled kits with coil wires. When the vape kit is empty, dispose of it and replace it with a fresh one. We have the most popular brands such as; Voom pods, Frunk bar, Geek Bar, Elf Bar, Nasty Juice, dinner ladys and more (also see our vape buying guide). Get flavours such as Strawberry ice, blue razz, geek bar blueberry and more.

Disposable vape kits are great for those who are looking to quit smoking and don’t want to commit to buying coils or replacing pods. They are also fantastic options for back-up vapes to be used when travelling or on nights out.



A disposable vape kit is an all-in-one device which is designed to be thrown away and replaced once it is used up. They have all the same components as a traditional vape kit, such as a battery, coil, tank and e-liquid – but it’s all built-in. This means that there is no assembly or setup required. The single-use kits are lightweight and compact which makes disposable vape devices a great choice for those looking to try out vaping for the first time, as well as being perfectly pocket-sized for days away or nights out. No need to worry about remembering spare batteries, coils, tanks and e-liquid! You will hear about popular terms such as; 100ml shortfills, smok novo, lost vapes, subohm vaping, twelve monkey, mesh coils, pukka juice, sub ohm tank, drip tip, nordic spirit, jack rabbi, eliquid flavour, ivg bar plus, rebuildable tank subohm tank, pen kits and dr vapes. But these are common terms in vaping.

Disposable vape devices feature inhale activation – so they feel very similar to a cigarette when you’re using them. Simply pick it up and puff. Most disposable vapes have been designed to provide a simple yet satisfying sensation, featuring nicotine salt e-liquid which is smoother than standard (freebase) nicotine, and discreet amounts of vapour.


Disposable vapes usually contain between 1.2ml and 2ml of e-liquid and have battery capacities between 280 and 500mAh. How long an individual disposable vape lasts will depend on three factors: the e-liquid capacity, the battery size and the user’s style of inhaling (for example whether they take long puffs or short puffs). Their longevity is usually measured in “puffs”. For example, one Vapourcore Beco Bar can provide up to 300 puffs. In comparison, a single cigarette usually provides between 10 and 15 puffs. This means that one Beco Bar could last you longer than a whole pack of cigarettes!

If you are looking for a longer-lasting disposable vape, why not try the Geek Bar from GeekVape – the slightly chunkier design means they’ve been able to fit in a bigger battery that can provide up to 575 puffs.


A disposable vape is a great choice of first vape kit for smokers who wish to quit smoking and switch to vaping. Because they are so easy to use, there’s no learning curve, so it’s a great way to figure out if vaping is right for you. There is a wide range of flavours so you can experiment and find your favourite – and all without breaking the bank, since disposable vapes tend to range in price between just £3 and £6 each. Disposable vapes tend to use nicotine salt e-liquid, which has a smoother throat hit and a quicker absorption rate than standard nicotine (check out our guide on vaping).

Disposable vapes, while being budget-friendly individually, are not as cost effective as other vape devices in the long run. You may wish instead to consider a pre-filled pod vape. These are very similar in style to a disposable vape, but instead of throwing away the whole thing once it has run out, you simply replace the pod which holds e-liquid once it’s empty, and charge the battery. There are also refillable pod kits, which allow you to save even more money by refilling the pod with your favourite e-liquid. Disposable vape kits are not as environmentally-friendly as other vape kits as you must dispose of an entire device each time. However, they still create much less waste than cigarettes – and we offer a recycling scheme for our Beco Bars.


We’re incredibly proud of the Vapourcore Beco Bar – it currently comes in 14 great flavours with even more to come. It’s super small and lightweight, making it great for using on the go or as a backup device.

But there are plenty of other choices. Some ranges, like the Geek Bars, sacrifice a little bit of the small size that’s often valued in a disposable in order to provide a bigger battery and e-liquid capacity. Ranges such as Elf Bar or Frunk have a more cylindrical shape that feels especially cigarette-like. And of course, every brand offers a unique range of flavours spanning from classics like Geek Bar Menthol or Elf Bar Cream Tobacco to Nasty Juice Blackcurrant Cotton Candy or Beco Bar Pina Colada. It’s impossible to pick a “best”, since it’s all down to you! (see guide on best disposable vape flavours)