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The IVG Bar is the ideal vaping device for someone who doesn’t want to deal with coils or pod changes, as well as those who are ready to quit smoking and make the healthier switch to vaping. The IVG Bar is a fantastic item that you can take with you on evenings out or while you’re on the go. As we all know nothing is worse than running out of battery on your vape device, or forgetting your bottle of e-liquid and reverting to smoking after going this long without smoking (part of our disposable vape stick).

The IVG Bar has been designated a next-generation device after years of development! It’s quick, convenient, disposable, ergonomic, pocket-sized, pleasurable, and simple to use. Not only that but each bar is pre-filled with 2ml of award-winning premium e-liquid with that incredible excellent taste, as well as a 500 MAH battery to keep you running all day. We built the device with public health in mind, using food-grade materials and organic cotton for the wick, as well as our TPD-compliant, emissions-tested premium e-liquid.

The IVG bar comes in 16 unique flavours, some of which you will instantly recognize, such as the iconic Strawberry Watermelon flavour and our legendary Cola Ice flavour, Mango Lychee, and many more (also see our buying guide)!